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Hello Family and Friends! I am looking into starting a donation to help my parents out with Micheal’s funeral costs! With it being the holidays, I know everybody is strapped for money but this would help my family out more than anything! We havent set a date for the funeral itself yet, but whatever you can spare or do would be so greatly appreciated! I am hoping if we get enough people in on it, then it wont be too bad of a cost! Funerals are expensive! Even 20 bucks would help! I am looking into a way to do it through paypal or another avenue but I am new at this so bare with me! And please, share this message with other family members and friends so they can help as well! I’ve been asked a lot these past couple of days about what other members of my family can do to help and I think this is the perfect way! Help us say goodbye to Michael in style!

Michael was one of my best friends in the world, and his death was shocking to everyone. He touched the lives of so many people and was so very loved, and it would mean so much to me and so many others if you could help us give back to him, especially because it’s so close to the holidays. Please, please if you could spare any donation, it would be appreciated so much. Signal boosting would also be incredibly helpful. Please help us, especially if you’ve ever lost someone due to suicide. Thank you so much.

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